At Stalycraft Designs you will find unique designs from craft makers or myself. All Tameside Photography is created by myself using filters and photo editing equipment to bring you fantastic views from a different perspective in a creative and imaginative way of Tameside and Stalybridge. 

All photography orignates and is copywritten to J.Kyte 2022. All rights reserved. 

We purchase only the best handmade or hand crafted items from across the world that are unique and different. We love to be creative too so watch out for more creations coming from me. 

We mainly attend local stalycraft events such as Little Owls Artisan Fairs or the indoor Market and Co events. I am also looking for invitations too so if you are an organisation or a shop who has an interest in my products. Please feel free to contact me by using the contact form on the contact page. I will be happy to assist you within the latest of a 12 hour window period. 

We are always looking for shops to sell our products too and we strive to take a look at the local tourism too.