Friends of Victoria Hall Craft Fair - Glossop Derbyshire

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Friends of Victoria Hall- Glossop

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Although I found it to be quite quiet on the day in terms of footfall. I found the day was great to have shared it with my good friend who had her own stall too. 

It was great to have an indoor slot where I was not rained upon or feeling cold due to the gusts of air blasting everyone's gazebo's over. 

What I loved about today's craft fair was the friendliness of my next door stall holder and her fused art. Thank you for taking the time to chat it was great to do so . 

Overall ,I enjoyed the day and I did have some sales which I am very greatful for. Thank you for every kind word and how you told me about my talent and how it was clever. These words will remain with me always and thank you for your purchases too. 

Next Fair is Little owl events back at my home town of Stalybridge.